Hello, This website will cover the most basic knowledge of "The theatre" and the different globe theatres and some things on Shakespeares "Romeo and juliet". 

 Globe 1/The theatre

The globe 2 burned down in a stage acident involving a cannon in "Henry VIII" setting fire to the roof in 1613 june 29, the theater burned down within two hours. Only to be rebuilt a year later, with the addition of a tilled roof. William shakespear died and was burried in 1616. "The globe" Stayed up and running till religiougs ban on plays in 1642 but it was pulled down in 1644. 

A contract hole would allow the actors to take the timber of "the theatre" and move it to adiffernet location and build a new theatre which would be called "The globe". Based on both the mistakes and succeses of the original a new theatre was built. It was to become most magnificent theater that was in london at the time. it was built in 1599. 

The theatre was built in 1576 by James burbage on land he rented, The owner (a puritan who dissaproves of plays and acting) dident like the play's and the idea of theatre itself and at the end of the lease he set the rent ridiculously high. Negotians started in 1597 and ended the same year. He planned to pull it down when they left. 

Globe 2  
Globe 3 

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